The easiest way to plan and prepare delicious, home-cooked meals for your Disability Accommodation residents

Improving your mealtime service is simple with SmithKit. In fact, you’ll see a positive impact in hours (not months).

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Reduce meal-times headaches with our all-in-one planner

Simple, low cost solution

Any smartphone or laptop can log into SmithKit via the web, with personalised onboarding and ongoing support ready to guide you through every step of the meal planning process

Become a provider of choice

We make it easy to offer choice for residents backed by instant nutrition summaries and enticing food photography. Ditch last-minute meal planning and one-size-fits all approach for good

Empower your team

Menu planning can be one of the most complex parts of caring for your residents. Designed with unskilled cooks in mind, our intuitive platform allows your team to plan and prepare meals that accommodate resident’s needs with ease

Your meal planner at a glance

Upskill your workforce

Boost your team’s efficiency and increase their cooking skills with supportive, simple, self-guided recipes. 

Turn every team member into a great cook with the resources and support they need to plan, prepare and serve tailored meals with ease.

Instant visibility of costs and nutrition

Every resident deserves delicious meals that meet their unique needs. Our digital meal planner requires zero data entry, allowing you to instantly generate nutrition and cost summaries that ensure you’re making the best decisions for your residents.

Easy feedback loops for happier residents

Give your residents the ability to join in the meal planning and share their feedback about what dishes they love (and don’t love) with hundreds of alternate recipes to customise their experience.

Plus, we make it simple to keep loved ones informed about how you’re accommodating resident’s unique dietary needs.

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