The Meal Plans

You will receive a meal plan that covers seven days a week over four weeks with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as two snacks. Each recipe we have selected for you comes with lots of alternative options for you to choose from, meaning you can create multiple variations of the meal plan that you start with.

The standard meal plan will let you select one recipe per service period with lots of different recipes to choose from. (i.e. select one recipe for breakfast, one recipe for lunch etc)

The premium meal plan (available to Disability Service Providers operating SIL’s) will allow you to select multiple options for each service time. Extra rows in the meal plan mean that you can cater for different diets or needs within the one home. We work with our premium package subscribers to ensure they have access to the all the recipe categories they need to build the right menu for their residents.

A cycle menu is another way to say that your four-week menu will just roll on for the six-month season. That means, every four weeks you go back to week one of the menu and start again with the options to create multiple variations of the same plan. You can either stick to the same recipes, change a few or change them all!

Implementing a cycle menu has many advantages. Here are a few:

  • Reduce stress in the kitchen because you don’t have to start from scratch with all new recipes each month.

  • Builds familiarity with the recipes month after month to build confidence and improve skills.

  • Allows for gradual tweaks over time to end up with the perfect meal plan for you.

  • Enables easy adjustment to individual or resident preferences.

  • Allow choice and control without it being overwhelming.

  • Recipes are appropriate for the season.

  • Still provides lots of variety and flexibility in a controlled way.

  • Easier for staff to plan and prepare.

Your meal plan will be available as soon as you have completed the online sign-up process and indicated your payment method. New meal plans will be automatically delivered to you in February and August of each year. You can choose to switch to the new plan or keep going with the one you love!

Individual Users

If you are purchasing a licence for an individual, you can pay by credit card or direct debit.

If you are an NDIS participant your payment options will depend on your plan management and personal choice. You may choose to pay immediately by credit card or direct debit when you sign up OR request an invoice. Invoices can be sent to you or directly to your plan manager.

If you choose not to pay up front, you will still have full access to the program and your menu delivered to you once sign-on is complete and an invoice raised. There will be a 14-day time period to allow for payment of invoices through the various methods. If after 14 days there is no payment, we will assume you have changed your mind and access to the program will be automatically cancelled.

For Agency Managed Participants we will arrange payment directly through the NDIS provider payment portal. You will have full access to the program and your menu delivered to you upon sign up completion. We will manage payment and provide you with receipts.

Once payment has been received a receipt will be emailed to you. Your invoice history is available at all times on your customer profile.


For Disability Service Providers and Residential Aged Care operators you may also pay by credit card or direct debit, or we can issue an invoice. For providers with multiple homes that are signed up on the same day, one consolidated invoice will be issued for all homes. Otherwise separate invoices will be created based on the date of sign up.

The different payment preferences are covered during our online sign on process. For more information or to discuss in more detail, please contact us via our help centre by clicking on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel, your next scheduled payment will not be processed and access to the program will remain until the expiry of your current subscription period. Cancellations can be made through your online account profile.


No. SMITHkit is a program that provides all the information and inspiration for you to get cooking in your home. We do not provide ready-made meals or ingredients.

Once you have signed up, we will provide you with some information on suitable kitchen equipment, pantry items, and food safety information to help you get started.

The cost information is drawn from common supermarket prices. We are always checking on price movements and will update when required, however the cost of your menu should be used as a guide only. It will give a fairly good estimate of your menu cost but is unlikely to be exact to the cent. Though if it is, we would love to hear about it!

We do not provide individual dietetic reviews for each variation of the menu, nor do we provide personalised dietetic consultations.

Our dietetic associates have been part of the development of SMITHkit from the beginning and are always checking the nutritional detail for all ingredients and recipes, and the nutritional summary calculations that provide the estimations to help our customers with their meal choices.

The SMITHkit nutritional summary should be used as a guide only. If you feel like you or someone you are supporting needs specialised dietetic advice applicable to their needs, then please speak to your plan manager or support co-ordinator about engaging the services of an accredited practicing dietitian.


Yes, Habitat and More Pty limited (and the SMITHKit program) is a registered NDIS provider.

Yes, eligible NDIS participants can use their funding for SMITHkit if getting assistance with meal planning and preparation is reasonable and necessary for their situation and it aligns with their goals. Talk to your plan manager or support co-ordinator to get the right advice applicable to your situation.

Line Item 01_022_0120_1_1 Assistance with the cost of preparation and delivery of meals.

For more information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, please contact the NDIS directly on 1800 800 110 or go to their website