Preparing home-cooked meals has never been easier.

We help you make meal stress a thing of the past with curated menus, beginner-friendly recipes, and an easy-to-use digital platform that anyone can master in minutes.

Your meal planner at a glance

Figuring out what’s on the menu shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’ve packed SmithKit with tonnes of helpful features to get home-cooked meals on the table every day.

Four-week menu cycles that you or your residents can customise with ease

Simple, nutritious and oh-so-delicious recipes to suit every taste

Handy management views to check nutrition information and cost summaries in seconds

How it works

Get started in minutes
Score immediate access to your first four-week menu as soon as you sign up.

Why you'll love SmithKit

Plan meals month-by-month

Never get stuck in a cooking rut or fall back on frozen meals. Our four-week cycle menu means you get to choose exactly what’s on the menu, no matter whether you’re doing the cooking or not. And if you’re a service provider, our program gives you and your residents the flexibility to make as many changes to their menu as they like (with over 1,800 recipes to choose from) to keep everyone happy. Plus, we’re adding new seasonal recipes twice a year to help you spice up what’s on the menu.

Choice at your fingertips

Everyone should have the tools to cook and enjoy exactly what they want to eat. There's no one-size-fits-all approach with us. Instead, you can customise your meal planner and switch out as many recipes as you like. And when you find a recipe you love, you can favourite it for your next menu cycle.

Simple, beginner-friendly recipes

Give yourself, your team or your residents a reason to give cooking another go. Our easy, delicious recipes walk you through every step of the process to make sure you never feel out of your depth. Plus, our clear serving sizes help you to reduce food waste and adjust your recipe to suit how many people you’re feeding.

Instant access to our management dashboard

Get a clear picture of the menus, nutritional information and cost summaries across multiple homes in just a few clicks. Our management view enables service providers like you to make informed decisions while giving your residents meaningful choice and control over what meals they’re served each day.

Programs tailored for every taste

Our subscription models make it easier for you to choose what’s on the menu, no matter who is doing the cooking.

For Individuals

Plan, cook and serve delicious home-cooked meals, whether it’s you or your support worker doing the cooking. Stay informed about the nutrition and cost impact of your menu choices.

Why you'll love SmithKit
  • We’re an NDIS-approved provider

  • Score immediate access to your four-week menu immediately after signing up

  • Stick with our ‘done for you’ meal plan or design your own meal plan

  • Check your average daily or weekly nutritional intake and food costs in seconds

  • Downloadable shopping lists to make grabbing the groceries a breeze

For Individuals



$31 / user / month


For Providers of Disability Services and Residential Aged Care

Empower your team to learn new skills with a simple meal planner program that ensures your residents receive quality, home cooked meals every day.

Why you'll love SmithKit
  • We’re an NDIS-approved provider

  • Receive immediate access to your four-week menu immediately after signing up

  • Let your residents choose what’s on the menu with unlimited customisations and thousands of alternate recipes

  • Review average estimated daily and weekly nutritional intake and food costs in seconds

  • Give your management and support teams instant access to each home’s menu in a few clicks

  • Access our database of over 2,000 recipes

  • Create your own recipes with cost and nutrition panels automatically calculated

  • Receive onboarding and implementation assistance

  • Compare cost and nutrition reports across multiple homes

Self Service Subscription for Aged and Disability Service Providers



$495 / residence / 6 months


Custom Subscription for Aged and Disability Service Providers


Price on application

  • Client specific Menu Design