You decide what’s on the menu with SmithKit.

Craving a lamb curry, but getting another serve of Spag Bol instead?

We believe everyone should have the ability to call the shots over what they eat. Whether you or your support worker are doing the cooking, our digital meal planner lets you pick and choose from thousands of recipes to create drool-worthy home-cooked meals.

Delicious recipes that anyone can master at home

Eat what you want, when you want it

Say goodbye to frozen dinners, takeout and being served the same dish every week. Take back control of meal time with thousands of recipes at your fingertips.

Zero cooking skills required

Feel excited about getting in the kitchen with easy, beginner-friendly recipes that take the guesswork out of what to cook.

NDIS Registered Provider

We're a registered NDIS provider so, depending on your plan, SMITHkit can be covered by your funding and ready to go when you are.

Your meal planner at a glance

Customised to suit your taste

Our four-week meal plans give you total control of what you eat, with new seasonal recipes released regularly. Favourite the recipe you love or try something new in just a few clicks.

Super simple recipes

At SmithKit, we’re not fans of complex instructions or fancy ingredients. Every recipe we create comes with easy-to-follow instructions and photos to help you master every step with confidence.

Downloadable shopping lists

Grabbing the groceries has never been easier. Our pre-made shopping lists let you choose how often you want to shop and even where you want to shop, meaning you’ll never forget an ingredient again.

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