We’re on a mission to help everyone plan, prepare and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.

Our goal is to help individual NDIS participants and providers of Disability Support Services and Residential Aged Care feel confident, empowered and inspired to get cooking.

Our Story

We founded Habitat and More back in 2017 with a simple mission: to encourage in-home cooking in Residential Aged Care.

We did that by creating resources that proved you didn’t need to choose between costs and quality. With our inspiring menus and recipes on-hand, residents could enjoy delicious homecooked meals, while providers knew exactly how much every dish was going to cost.

Over time, our company grew and we saw our resources could offer the same benefits to the disability support sector. That’s where SmithKit was born, a digital meal planner helping individuals and providers prepare meals at home.

SmithKit has been designed specifically for residential support services, from group support homes to individuals who are assisted by a support worker (as well as those who want to cook for themselves) in their own home.

Our team brings together recipe developers, dietitians, development engineers, designers and more, all focused on delivering the best user experience for our customers. While we’ve grown over the years, our founding mission is the same: to give you the information and inspiration to get cooking at home (no matter your level of experience).

Our Founders

Imagine not having control over what you eat each day. This is the reality for many people who aren’t able to independently cook for themselves (whether through age or disability).

That’s what inspired out Co-Founders Bec and Kate to launch Habitat and More. It’s this belief in giving everyone choice and control over their diet that has led them to start a revolution to bring home-made into every home.

After getting to know each other in their previous corporate life, the pair realised Bec’s operational skills and Kate’s number crunching could actually be a pretty useful combination.

The duo saw that there’s a stack of challenges for disability and aged care service providers. It’s difficult to manage different tastes, preferences and diets among their residents, while still providing a variety of quality, nutritious meals that stick to their budget.

With SmithKit, both providers and individuals have the information and inspiration to get cooking for themselves, for someone else or even a group of residents (zero experience required).

Meet Rebecca Reidy

With over 25 years’ experience in hospitality services operations, Bec keeps everything running smoothly at Habitat and More. She brings extensive experience in all aspects of business performance to the table, including financial results, compliance, HR, client and customer relationship management as well as product and service delivery. With a proven track record of innovating service delivery and operational resources under her belt, Bec inspires teams to proactively respond to changing market conditions.

Meet Kate Hogg

Backed by over 20 years’ experience in finance and commercial, Kate is a CPA that is a master at crunching the numbers at Habitat and More. She’s worked across a range of industries, including healthcare, and understands what it takes to improve business performance. Kate’s expertise lies in designing and implementing company-wide performance monitoring and management frameworks that make things more efficient. Plus, she knows how to build powerful strategies for changing and cost-constrained businesses to bring their vision to life.