The easiest way to plan and prepare delicious, home-cooked meals for your residents.

You’re spinning a thousand plates, and ensuring a quality meal experience for your residents is just one of them. But what if you had a database of easy-to-follow recipes and an efficient way to create nutritious meal plans?

What if you could know exactly what’s on the menu in your residential homes in one click? What if you could take the guess work out of grocery ordering, reduce food waste and review food and beverage costs in seconds? That’s exactly what residential aged care service providers (like you) can access with SMITHkit.

The easiest way for hospitality teams to plan and prepare delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meals for your residents.

Improve and streamline your meal service

Give your residents consistent quality, build kitchen inspiration and boost meal time efficiency to ditch packaged food for good.

Reduce food waste and lower your food bill

Our fully customisable menu planner with downloadable shopping lists make sure you buy exactly what you need. That means less in the bin and more money in your budget.

Get started today in minutes

Offer your residents a market-leading meal service that guarantees nutritious, home-made meals today and sign up in just a few clicks.

Your meal planner at a glance

Support your workforce

Boost your team’s efficiency and get started with a ready-to-go menu that can be tailored using over 1800 recipes.

Instant visibility of costs and nutrition

Our easy-to-use digital program gives your management or support team 24/7 access to every home’s menu and an up-to-date cost report for total transparency.

Easy feedback loops for happier residents

Give your residents the ability to join in the meal planning and share their feedback about what dishes they love (and don’t love) with tailored menus and alternate recipes to customise their experience.

Ready to get started?

Go on, it’ll only take a few minutes.